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The Waldorf Astoria Union local 6 is represented at the Waldorf Astoria.
Please refer to the Production Guidelines or consult your Catering/ Event Manager for further information.

Contractor/Supplier Personnel Guidelines

Areas of Access: All contractors/vendors are required to check in with security to receive a visitor pass and stay in designated job site areas. Passes must be worn at all times for access to any area beyond the loading dock. Access to "front of house", guest elevators/floors or "back of house" kitchen, offices etc. is not allowed without permission from the direct manager overseeing the project.

Bag Check: All bags and boxes are subject to a Security check upon entering or leaving the building.

Behavior: Profanity, loud or aggressive behavior and/or lack of respect for customer, Hotel guests, Hotel management or employees will not be tolerated.

: Under no circumstances are vendors’ employees to use the Hotel Employee Cafeteria.

Dress Code: All contractors/vendors will be required to wear uniforms during performance of their contracted job duties while on site. If no uniforms are provided, the Hotel requires that all workers are dressed with shirts, closed toe shoes and long pants. Tank tops, bare backs, bathing suits, torn clothing or T-shirts with offensive pictures or language will not be permitted during performance of job duties.

Drugs/Alcohol: The Hotel is committed to a drug and alcohol free work place.

Food & Beverage
: Vendors/Contractors are allowed to use Hotel outlets for food service only. No discounts are allowed. No large parties (in excess of 4 persons) will be allowed. No alcohol may be consumed while on Hotel property. Behavior must be in accordance with other points outlined in policy.

Employee Locker Room
: These are for the sole use of Hotel employees and are not to be used by contractor/supplier.

: Vendors may only use Hotel employee entrance, located on 50th Street between Park and Lexington Avenues, and are required to check in with security to receive a visitor pass. Passes must be worn at all times for access to any area beyond the loading dock. Photo ID will also be required.

Hotel Equipment
: Contractor/supplier is not authorized to use any tools, ladders, motorized equipment or other furnishings of the Hotel without express written permission from Hotel management.

: All vendor employees must have a government recognized form of identification while on Hotel property.

Personal Business: Family members and friends are not allowed on Hotel property.

Personal Property: In no event shall Hotel, Owners or Hilton Hotels Corporation be liable for any damage to or loss of personal property sustained by Contractor or its employees.

Smoking: There is no smoking allowed on Hotel property.

: Each contractor/supplier company will be responsible for providing a primary contact or supervisor along with a cell phone number for the individual. The designated contact or supervisor will be responsible for the actions of their employees at all times while on the Hotel premises. The designated contact or supervisor will be responsible for informing and ensuring that all crew members involved in any phase of production (either on a full or part-time basis) are made aware and knowledgeable of the conditions listed in this policy.

Work Area: All contractor/supplier work areas must be kept clean and safe at all times. If at anytime any of the above-mentioned policies are violated, the Hotel reserves the right to require Contractor’s operations to cease if, in the Hotel’s reasonable estimation, these policies are not being adhered to.

Union Labor Guidelines for Exhibitors

All exhibit and display work in the New York area must be done by union personnel.

There are four major unions that have jurisdiction over trade shows. The following should help guide you in conforming to union jurisdiction and its adherence to them when required.

Teamsters Union
– Teamsters handle freight at the exhibit hall. They unload all trucks of vehicles. They also provide rigging of machinery moving services and spot machinery in the booth. The normal rigging crew consists of three men. Customarily, this service must be ordered as needed at exhibitor’s expense.

Carpenters Union – Carpenters handle the erection and dismantling of display and exhibit booths. This also includes all display work. Carpenters uncrate/re-crate machinery or equipment, and install/remove all draping and floor covering.

Exposition Workers
– Exposition workers deliver freight to exhibitor’s booth after it has been unloaded by teamsters and handle the reverse movement of this freight at the conclusion of the show. They also deliver furniture and floor covering. They may assist carpenters in the erection and dismantling of exhibits and displays. The first two men required for this type of work must be carpenters, and a 3rd man (if required) must be an exposition worker.

Electrical Union
- All power requirements will be supplied by the Hotel. Electricians handle all electrical work, which includes supplying power lines to your booth, connecting equipment to the proper outlets, and installing any signs or headers that are lighted, unless they are permanently attached to the exhibit back wall.

What you can do without union personnel in the New York area – Contrary to popular belief, exhibitors are allowed to do a few jobs in the comfort and privacy of their own booth. Hopefully this guideline will help.

Exhibitors may install and dismantle their own exhibit and lay their own carpet in their own exhibit area as long the booth size is 100 sq. ft. (10’x10’) or less and the following conditions are met:

1. The set-up can be reasonably accomplished in ½ hour or less.
2. No tools are used in the assembly or dismantle.
3. Individuals performing the work must be full time employees of the exhibiting company and carry identification to verify this fact.
Exhibitors are allowed to unpack and repack their own products (if in cartons, not crates) and are allowed to do technical work on their machines, such as balancing, programming, cleaning of machines, etc. Exhibitors may “hand carry” or use nothing larger than a two wheel baggage cart (rubber or plastic wheels only) to move their items. Exhibitors may move a “pop-up” display (equal or less than 10’ in length) capable of being carried by hand by one person. The individuals moving the item must be full time employees of the exhibiting company and must carry identification to verify this fact.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Local 3, James Robson, Business Representative (718) 591-4000, Ext 2

Exhibition Employees Union
Local 829, Manuel Farina, Vice President (212) 679-1164

Exhibition and Display New York District Council of Carpenters
Richard R. Tuccillo, Business Representative, (212) 366-7500

Teamsters Local No. 807
Tony Storz, Vice President, (718) 726-2525, ext 142

Local One IATSE Stagehands
Robert Nimmo, Business Manager
212-333-2500 ext. 32

Union Labor Guidelines for Production/Audio Visual Companies

Please refer to Audio Visual tab.

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