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Audio Visual

Audio Visual

Presentation Services Audio Visual (PSAV) is the on-site vendor for the Waldorf Astoria for all audio and video
requirements. They provide complete in-house event technology with state of the art equipment and professional technicians. An experienced audio visual sales manager will provide a comprehensive proposal after discussing your production requirements and budget. PSAV has a proven record of service excellence and
competitive pricing and is committed to providing a seamless experience and value for you, your speakers and attendees. PSAV is highly recommended by the Hotel management staff and our customers. Customer references are available upon request.

Andrew Ellis
Director of Audio Visual Sales
c/o The Waldorf Astoria
301 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10022
Direct: 212.872.7395

Office Equipment/Supplies: PSAV now handles office equipment rental.

Presentation Services Audio Visual (PSAV) offers a complete range of office equipment rental including computer systems, copier machines, printers, facsimile machines, and shredders. Prices are quoted on an individual basis depending on the type of equipment needed as well as the scope of the job requested. Discuss your group’s needs
with your audio visual sales manager for a detailed proposal.

Telephone & Internet Connectivity are provided exclusively by PSAV

All telephone and internet requirements are to be communicated to Presentation Services Audio Visual (PSAV) sales manager (3) three weeks prior to arrival to ensure proper technician staffing levels and on time delivery of internet drops, analog telephone lines and telephone devices.  All on-site orders for Telephone and Internet are subject to on-site rates.  Overnight, weekend and holiday installations are subject to additional charges. Please contact your PSAV sales manager for detailed pricing.

Production Companies may elect to contract with third-party, non-Hilton providers to bring circuits (T1, ISDN, DSL) to the property. These may be brought to the main PBX room and the provider will be paid directly by the
Production Company. However, PSAV technicians must extend the circuit to the meeting space and this service will be charged at appropriate rates.
Sound System:
Most meeting rooms have a basic sound system and the Grand Ballroom has a concert sound system. Please contact your Catering/Event Manager with questions. There may be fees assessed for certain hookups as well as hourly labor charges. Please contact your audio visual sales manager for detailed information.

Rigging: PSAV now handles the rigging in the ballroom. 
Presentation Services Audio Visual (PSAV) is the exclusive in-house rigging contractor for The Waldorf Astoria. Their primary obligation is to ensure that all rigging is carried out in a safe and efficient manner. They
must approve your rigging design to ensure that it is efficient and that it does not exceed approved loads. There are a total of four (4) points available in the Grand Ballroom. They are responsible to install and dismantle all your
equipment needs that require rigging, and they are also responsible to the Hotel to ensure that they respect the structural limitations of the meeting rooms as established by their engineers and to safeguard all the Hotel
equipment and installations.

All signs, banners and decorations that are being attached to the points must be hung by PSAV. Signs, banners, and decorations hung in other locations are managed by the Hotel at prevailing labor rates.

PSAV is available to conduct site surveys and will require, 14 days prior to load-in, a plot plan showing all lighting, audio, video, and scenic equipment that requires rigging. Your drawings can be faxed or e-mailed to them in DWG,
DWF, or EPS format.

Bringing in outside lifts must meet all codes and regulations of NYC and NY State, as well as Hotel rules and regulations. Any damaged caused by outside units from, but not limited to hydraulic leaks, wheel marks and/or any other mechanical issues will be the sole responsibility and cost of said production and/or outside Audio Visual Company.

If an outside vendor is selected, they must follow all rules of the Hotel. Please refer to this entire document for specific requirements for security, insurance, hold harmless, personnel, load-in/out procedures, etc.

Audio Visual and Production Labor Regulations

The employees of The Waldorf Astoria and PSAV are covered by a collective bargaining agreement.
The Hotel Motel Trades Council Local One AFL-CIO represents said employees. Any and all Production
Companies operating inside The Waldorf Astoria are expected to abide by these rules. With the exception of the following management or non-union production positions all other labor should conform to the guidelines below:

The exempted positions are for supervisory positions (not handling equipment), and include the following; show manager, stage manager, lighting director, technical director.  Exempted technical positions include; graphics operator, teleprompter operator, language translation specialists, and still  photographer.

Any production company bringing in audio visual staff to The Waldorf=Astoria is required to staff PSAV Union technicians at a ratio of one PSAV Union technician for every one outside technician.  

PSAV technicians are required to be present while any Hotel owned equipment and/or systems are in use in
any Hotel function space. This specifically includes Ballroom console lighting, scissor lifts, and all rigging points throughout the Hotel.

Grand Ballroom: All electrical work in the Hotel must be performed by Hotel’s electricians. A house light operator must be present whenever the room is in use at the prevailing hourly rate. Any stage work (set up of Hotel owned equipment, usage of stage curtains, travelers, etc.) must be performed by in-house carpenters at the prevailing hourly rate.

Screens that are built-in will be made available at the current rates. A schedule of charges for
the use of in-house screens is available from PSAV or from your Event Services or Catering Manager.

Equipment: Non-Hotel personnel will not be permitted to use any Hotel owned equipment, such as scissor lifts.  Bringing in outside lifts must meet all codes and regulations of NYC and NY State, as well as Hotel rules and regulations. Any damages caused by outside units from, but not limited, to hydraulic leaks, wheel marks and/or any other mechanical issues will be the sole responsibility and cost of said production and/or outside audio visual company. 

Storage: The Hotel maintains no storage facilities for audio visual equipment. This is the sole responsibility of the contracted agency. 

Sound levels are to be appropriate for the contracted space and are not to interfere with activities of any other group. Please respect any request regarding sound levels you may receive from Hotel Management. The Hotel reserves the right to immediately terminate any event in the case of inappropriate sound level. Sound Checks for rehearsals must be approved
in advance. 

An outside contractor or production company can be utilized under the following circumstances:

The contractor or production company must have a  certificate of insurance with a minimum of $2,000,000.00 general liability.
Full compliance with all federal and local codes  as well as those of The Waldorf Astoria.

All electrical tie-ins to the building’s power  source are handled by Hotel personnel.

The contractor or production company is responsible for all charges relating to electrical tie-ins to the
building’s power supplies. Please refer to the Hotel’s electrical and carpenter price list.

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