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Loading Dock

Loading Dock

The Hotel Loading Dock is located on 50th Street between Park and Lexington Avenues. All deliveries and pick-ups must be scheduled in advance by visiting and a schedule of load-in/load-out times must be submitted to the Catering or Event Services office no less than 10 business days prior to start date for all activities, including all sub-contractors that have been hired by the vendor.

The loading and unloading of trucks must be handled by union personnel. The Local Teamsters union normally handles loading and unloading of all trucks that are 24’ or longer.

We have two (2) loading bays and we’ll do our best to clear use of one for you, although we cannot guarantee that one will be available without a wait, as Hotel deliveries take priority. Our freight elevator is fully automated and available upon request after 10am each day.

Load-in/outs are NOT permitted between the hours of 2:00pm and 5:00pm seven days a week by order of the New York City Department of Traffic. Should you violate this order, the Waldorf Astoria is not responsible if your vehicle is ticketed or towed.

Companies are required to use a protective material (masonite) in any space that is scheduled for exhibits or production purposes and has Hotel carpet and/or marble. Failure to provide a protective floor covering will result in a $5,000 surcharge.

The Event Service Manager in conjunction with the contractor will make an inspection of the function space prior to any activity. This will include access areas, elevators, corridors, loading docks, and any other area pertaining to the move-in and move-out. It is the responsibility of the contractor to contact the Events Service Manager to setup a walk-through prior to conducting any activity, as to prevent any unnecessary charges.

Any damage caused to the premises by the exhibitor or contractor must be repaired/replaced to its original condition at the exhibitor/contractor’s expense.

Caterers utilizing Hotel meeting space for the preparation of any function must cover the entire area with thick plastic. Any installation that affects fire codes must have prior approval of the Fire Marshal.

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