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Exhibit Regulations:

1. Driving of trucks, unloading of trucks and delivery of all drayage and equipment to the exhibit hall must be performed by union personnel. Typically, this is handled by the local Teamsters union.

2. The set-up of the exhibition hall must be performed by union personnel. The local carpenter’s union and the local Exhibition Employees union normally perform this work.

3. Individual Exhibitors may only bring into the ballroom what they can carry in one (1) load via service elevators and set-up within 30 minutes with no tools. Exhibitors will not be allowed to use Hotel equipment to move their materials into the ballroom. All exhibits that do not meet these criteria must be set-up by the stagehands/decorators unions.

4. Prior to finalizing exhibitors’ kits, a copy must be sent to the Hotel Event Manager for approval. The hotel will provide you with appropriate power, carpentry, telephone, shipping and audio visual forms for exhibitors to place orders.

5. All booth equipment, furniture and carpeting must be confined to the measured limits of the booth. No nails or bracing wires used in the exhibit display may be attached to Hotel property. No painting, mixing of chemicals or explosive materials is allowed in the meeting space of the Hotel.

6. If an exposition/drayage company is used, all exhibitor drayage must be sent to them directly for storage. This point should be emphasized in the exhibitors’ kit sent to the individual exhibitors. The Hotel reserves the right to refuse all shipments sent to the Hotel prior to the exhibit hall set-up date. If the exhibitor arranges with the Hotel and the drayage company to have its shipment arrive on set-up date, it is the responsibility of the Exposition/Drayage company to take receipt and possession of the freight.

7. All packages/freight from the exhibit area for pick-up by selected carriers will be the responsibility of the drayage company to inspect forwarding labels and bills of lading. The Drayage Company will have the exhibitor sign a document releasing the Hotel’s liability and accountability over the packages/freight turned over to the drayage company for pick-up from the Hotel.

8. It is the responsibility of the Exhibition/Drayage Company to hire labor to direct traffic while the tractor-trailers are pulling in or out of the loading dock. Additionally, if the tractor nose is on the sidewalk, it is the responsibility of the Exposition/Drayage Company to hire labor to divert pedestrian traffic around the sidewalk.

9. The Exposition/Drayage Company must establish a manned work station in the exhibit hall. Each work station should have either a house phone or an outside DID line, charged at the current rate. Usage charges are assessed for calls made on a DID line. Current charges will apply and are the responsibility of the Exposition/Drayage Company.

10. A head foreman must be present at all times on the loading dock during move-in and move-out, as well as a lead supervisor located in the exhibit hall.

11. During break periods, one Exposition/Drayage representative must be present in the exhibit hall and one representative must be present on the loading dock, in order to receive and distribute freight to meet exhibitor requirements.

12. If the Hotel elects to accept drayage for exhibitors prior to set-up date, the Exposition/Drayage Company will take possession of the freight on the loading dock on the set-up date.

13. The Hotel will turn over a clean, cleared and vacuumed exhibition hall to the Exposition/Drayage Company on the date of set-up. In return, the exhibition hall must be given back to the Hotel in the same condition (clean and cleared) at the time that is outlined in the client’s contract. If the Exposition/Drayage Company exceeds the contracted time without prior written authorization from the Hotel, there will be a charge of $300.00 per hour, for every hour the vendor goes over the contracted time. If the Exposition/Drayage Company does not give the Hotel the exhibition hall back clean and cleared there will be a $300.00 fee charged to the Exposition/Drayage Company. The Exposition/Drayage Company will not be allowed to work on Hotel property again, until the above charges are paid in full.

14. Labor Guidelines: Please refer to Labor Tab.

15. Please refer to the Shipping and receiving tab for further information.

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