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Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

All food and beverage needs must be arranged through the hotel’s Catering/Events Department. The exhibit contractor should notify in writing, the Event Services or Catering Manager, of any exhibitors dispensing food and beverage from their booth, thirty (30) days prior to arrival. Any cooking to be done in hotel meeting space must have written permission from the New York Fire Marshal. Obtaining this permission is the sole responsibility of the exhibit contractor.

Any exhibits that require the use of kitchen equipment, including but not limited too, refrigerators or freezers must provide their own; the hotel is not responsible for providing any equipment or refrigerator space during the exhibit.

No sample foods, beverage products or donated food and beverage products may be distributed by exhibitors except upon written authorization by The Waldorf=Astoria.

Due to state law, you many not bring alcoholic beverages into the hotel. In addition, prior approval must be received from the Catering/Events department before you bring in non-alcoholic beverages or any food from outside sources ~ this includes samples, donations and giveaways.

After approval by the hotel, any exhibitor that will be preparing or displaying food products within the exhibit hall must take precaution for protecting permanent carpet by using visqueen, mats, plastic, etc. Any damages incurred to property of the Hilton New York will be a cost incurred by the exhibitor in repairing or replacing, whichever is applicable.

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