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Safe Work Practices and Miscellaneous

Safe Work Practices and Miscellaneous

It is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure that all areas (including back of the house) production equipment and cords are secured in such a manner that it will not pose any potential safety hazard to either guests or Hilton employees and meet Hotel, State and OSHA fire and safety codes.

1. Aisles and emergency exits shall be kept free of debris at all times and maintain a minimum width of 24".

2. Floors shall be kept clean and dry.

3. Floors and platforms shall be kept free of projections, obstructions, holes and loose boards.

4. Machinery and equipment shall be arranged to maintain a 24" wide aisle for safe egress from building, or a warning sign shall be posted with padding to increase safety.

5. Exits shall never be blocked or obstructed.

6. Fire extinguishers shall not be blocked or obstructed at any time.

7. Safety devices and guards shall not be removed and/or will be replaced before operating any machine.

8. All control buttons and switches shall be properly identified as to its function and purpose.

9. All control buttons and switches shall be color-coded.

10. All emergency equipment shall be inspected regularly and kept in good working order.

11. All unsafe work conditions shall be reported to Hotel Security.

12. Report all accidents or illnesses immediately to Hotel Security.

13. Report any safety device that is missing or inoperative i.e. machine guards, emergency stop buttons.

14. Oily rags and containers that contained flammable liquid shall be disposed of in covered metal containers immediately after use and emptied each day.

15. A qualified person shall perform all maintenance of equipment.

16. Horseplay and running are forbidden.

17. Vendors/Contractors shall use proper lifting techniques as outlined in the Back Injury Prevention Program, to avoid over extension when lifting.

18. Personal firearms or other weapons are not allowed on property.

19. Vendors/Contractors must report all unsafe work practices to their supervisor and/or Hotel Security.

20. Vendors/Contractors must know the Hotel's fire evacuation procedures and must follow appropriate directions from their supervisor and/or Hotel Security.

21. An MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) shall be provided to Hotel Security for any chemicals that will be used or brought onto the property.

22. Vendors/Contractors shall refer to container label or MSDS for recommended personal protective equipment for any hazardous chemical or substance being used.

23. Vendors/Contractors who require the use of a forklift must be certified and be in possession of certification when driving vehicle.

24. No products or materials shall be hung, fixed, taped, glued, nailed and/or attached to any wall or column in the building(s). Any damage caused by the above shall be billed directly to the exhibitor.

25. Decorations, signs, banners, etc., may not be taped, nailed, tacked, stapled, or otherwise fastened to the permanent structure of the building(s). All signs must be hung by union carpenters.

26. Any damage to the building(s) caused by the exhibitor or subcontractors (i.e. I&D) will be billed directly to the exhibitor.

27. Air balloons (helium) are permitted in the building with permission by the show manager.

28. No holes may be drilled, cored or punched in the building.

29. No painting of signs, displays, or other objects are permitted in the building.

30. “Glitter” is not permitted in carpeted areas of the building.

31. No maintenance, electrical room, food pantry, or fire exit doors or panels may be blocked in any way.

32. No tape of any kind will be permitted on any carpeted or marble surfaces.

33. Only low adhesive line tape is permitted on Hotel carpets. Chalk is not permitted for markings.

34. The running of any cables or similar material is not permitted across any doorway floor.

35. No animals are permitted in the building without written consent by show management and approved by the Hotel. All the necessary insurance forms and waivers are required.

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