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Vehicle Storage

Vehicle Storage

The Waldorf Astoria does not provide vehicle storage facilities
Any vehicles brought into the building must adhere to the following regulations:

· A maximum of one (01) gallon of fuel shall be permitted in the tank. A container (NFPA approved) to store the drained fuel shall be provided by the association.
· Refueling or emptying of fuel tanks inside the building is prohibited.
· The fuel tank cover shall be equipped with a locking cap.
· The battery cables shall be disconnected with the terminals taped to prevent arching.
· A CO2 fire extinguisher shall be placed no more than seventy-five (75’) unobstructed feet from the motor vehicle.
· No repairs or alterations shall be made on the vehicles.
· No open flames shall be permitted.
· An absorbent floor mat shall be placed under the entire length of the motor vehicle.
· The motor vehicle shall be locked and secured when unattended. The keys to the door lock and ignition shall be held in the Security Office for emergency matters.
· The motor vehicle shall NOT obstruct any means of egress.
· The motor vehicle shall be positioned and all standards met PRIOR to the room or area being accessible by the public.
· The motor vehicle shall NOT enter the auto lift until inspected by the Fire Safety Director AND the Security Manager on duty.
· A valid motor vehicle insurance card for EACH vehicle shall be copied and will be on file with the Waldorf Astoria Security Department.
· A signed and notarized affidavit shall be provided by the association five business days PRIOR to the event attesting to their compliance of the above noted directives.

NOTE: Based on the factors presented in the formal request it may be determined that the motor fuel shall be removed from the tank of the vehicle and the tank shall be purged of vapors with CO2.

The affidavit shall be secured with:

Director of Security and Safety
The Waldorf Astoria
301 Park Avenue
New York, New York 10022

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